What is oculoplastics?

Oculoplastics is the specialist part of eyecare that deals with all the structures around the eye, including the eyelids, tear ducts and orbit (the eye socket). A number of problems can affect these areas, including conditions like ptosis , entropion, and ectropion. Indeed, many of these issues are becoming much more common as the general population ages. Oculoplastic surgeons receive dedicated training in a wide range of procedures within this specialist area, from simple eyelid malpositions to more complex reconstruction involving the eyelids, forehead, temporal and cheek areas. They are experts at understanding the delicate anatomy and function of the eyelids and their surrounding structures. Oculoplastic surgery can be used for either functional (ie medical) problems or cosmetic improvements – and in some cases both.

I am a member of the British Oculoplastic Surgical Society (BOPSS) and regularly attend and contribute to their annual meeting. More information on the British Oculoplastic Surgical Society can be found on their website.

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