Case studies

J Tansley: Blepharoplasty treatment

“I had suffered with multiple eye infections, so decided to have a blepharoplasty on both eyelids. Simon Rogers performed this procedure for me with fantastic empathy, considering how squeamish I am. If I had this procedure again I would choose to be sedated, as when I have my eyebrows threaded I feel uncomfortable, with watering eyes. Incredibly happy with the level of care given to me before, during and after the procedure. Since having had this procedure, I have not suffered with any further eye infections.”

Daniel B: Ptosis treatment

“Since my late teens, I’d hated having my photo taken as I always thought I looked unattractive due to my lazy eye. I also felt conscious and embarrassed of the issue in close social situations. At the age of 41, whilst on a family holiday, I was browsing through my wife’s phone looking at the family holiday snaps and instead of looking at how much fun and how happy my children were, I just found myself looking at me and my lazy eye and thinking how ugly I looked because of my eye.

“After carrying out google research and a few phone calls, I eventually found myself speaking to Simon Rogers’ secretary and subsequently booked a consultation with Mr Rogers. When I met him I immediately felt confident that he was the surgeon I wanted to do my surgery. He was extremely thorough and explained everything about the process in detail. He also explained and showed me the intended result, and took precise measurements of the amount my eye needed lifting. This put my mind at complete ease that he would do a good job!

“The whole process of the surgery took a morning, with the actual eye surgery taking about 45 minutes. I was surprised at how painless the whole experience was! Within a week post-surgery, once the swelling had gone down, the result was incredible! I’m now five months post-surgery and you can’t even see the scar on my eyelid. My eyes both open the same amount and my whole face now looks more symmetrical. I now don’t feel I need to shy away when a camera comes out!

“Although there is a cost for the surgery, my view is that this cost is far outweighed by the new confidence I have in the way I now look and feel! My only regret would be not having had this surgery done when I first started to notice the issue in my late  teens. For anyone who is considering ptosis surgery, I would highly recommend using Simon Rogers.”

P Shepherd: Ptosis repair

“Mr Simon Rogers performed a ptosis repair on my right eye at Optegra. I met him first for a consultation, where he assessed me and then explained what needed to be done, so that I was clear what the procedure involved.

“On the day of surgery, his friendly manner put me immediately at ease and his relaxed manner with the theatre staff was also reassuring. During the surgery, he kept me informed of what he was doing so I was able to stay calm. On completion of the surgery, he told me what to expect post-operatively – and that all happened with no complications. I was due to attend for a post-op appointment, but due to lockdown that was cancelled. I was offered a phone consultation, but I was so completely satisfied with the outcome that I didn’t think it was necessary.

“I would strongly recommend Simon for his friendly but professional manner and his surgical expertise.”

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